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What is Dianic Witchcraft?

Dianic Witchcraft is a Goddess-centered, nature religion practiced by women.

Dianic Witchcraft is similar to Wicca in that we work with the powers of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit; many of us follow the rule "Harm None," and believe that any energy we send into the world will return to us - for good or for ill.

We differ from Wiccans in that we worship only Goddess (there is no god in our religion). That doesn't mean we don't believe in masculine power or divinity, it just doesn't apply in our method of worship. Dianic Witches are lesbian and straight, married and single, mothers and child-free, old and young and all varieties in between.

We understand Goddess to be whole unto Herself. She also manifests certain qualities and characteristics as a variety of goddesses. Dianic Witches will often adopt or be adopted by one or more of these goddesses, who will then serve as the woman's "Matron Goddess."

Dianic Witches follow a lunar calendar, and hold special rituals at new and full moon times. We often hold celebrations and rituals on the common pagan Sabbats and Esbats as well. Most Dianic Witches practice a solitary path, some out of choice and many because Dianic covens are hard to find - there are far fewer of us than other types of pagans!

Although we believe that our spiritual path is the best and most enlightened, we understand that religion and spirituality are personal issues. Although we are willing to discuss our belief system with others, particularly in response to honest queries, we do not preach or attempt to convert others to our path. Each woman will find the path that is right for her the most we can do is to be open and available to those seeking another way.

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